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It’s Not A Beauty Pageant

The View‘s Hot Topics took on a whole new meaning today when the co-hosts weighed in on the recent controversy over the claim of a TikTok user who insists that Saturday Night Live “has never hired a hot woman” as a cast member.

Introducing the discussion with an eye roll and a dismissive wave of her hand, Whoopi Goldberg otherwise refused to engage in the debate, tossing the discussion to co-host and stand-up comedian Joy Behar.

“First of all, it’s a comedy show not a beauty pageant,” Behar said. “It’s not for men to ogle women who are trying to get a laugh.”

Behar then said that being overtly sexy can interfere with joke-telling. “No one’s going to laugh at what you say if they’re too busy looking at your boobs,” she said.

“Not to mention I don’t see many hot men there,” Behar continued. “Belushi and Chris Farley were not my exact ideal dates. The men [on SNL] are not that hot – hot meaning sexy, because I think that’s what they mean, because the women are attractive, obviously. You don’t have to be a dog to be funny. But if you’re hugely, hugely model level, no one’s going to laugh. That’s why Gisele Bündchen is not funny.”

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin then joined the discussion, acknowledging that while “there is a baseline of attractiveness on TV,” there are “no Beyoncés or Brad Pitts” on SNL because the focus is on humor.

“Recently Jacob Elordi, who’s like one of the hottest guys on the planet, was hosting,” Griffin said. “He was funny but every skit was about how he’s attractive, because it can be a distraction.”

The topic went viral this week after the TikTok user who goes by the name Jahelis wrote, “Am I the only person who’s ever noticed that SNL has never hired a, like, hot woman?” The question met with considerable criticism on social media.

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