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It’s Not A Beauty Pageant

The View‘s Hot Topics took on a whole new meaning today when the co-hosts weighed in on the recent controversy over the claim of a TikTok user who insists that Saturday Night Live “has never hired a hot woman” as a cast member. Introducing...

‘Saturday Night Live’ And Joy Behar Were Not A Fit In 1975, She Reveals

The View co-host Joy Behar once auditioned for Saturday Night Live. It did not go well. The 81-year-old recalled the 1975 moment Wednesday on The View’s companion podcast, Behind the Table. “There was a period I tried to get on, because I had...

Joy Behar Trump Comment Stirs Fox News Debate About Money With Alina Habba

Concern about the fact that Donald Trump must post a $450 million-plus bond by Monday — and where he might get that money — prompted a curious debate with the ex-president’s lawyer on Fox News on Wednesday. Earlier in the day on The View,...