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Top 10 underrated romantic web series to watch on Netflix, Disney Plus Hotstar and more OTT

In Anupamaa, the entire Shah Parivaar is in America now. For the unaverse, here’s a bit about Anupamaa storyline. After the five year leap, Anupamaa played by Rupali Ganguly moved to America to start a new life. But then she met her ex-husband Anuj Kapadia in the US. She also met her son Toshu and his wife Kinjal. Then followed her another ex-husband Vanraj and his mother Baa. And now, Baapuji, Dimpy and others have also touched down the US. Anupamaa is now having emotional reunions with all one after the other.

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Yesterday, fans got emotional as Anu met Baapuji. He has been her strongest support and has taken a stand for her whenever he could. However, fans are once again upset with him for guilt tripping Anupamaa. During the emotional conversation, Baapuji says that he deliberately did not come to meet her as it was Anu’s wish to stay away from everyone. He says that Anu has already suffered a lot and he did not want to add to her misery.

Here’s what Anupamaa fans have to say about Baapuji

Anupamaa fans angry with Baa

Earlier, netizens were furious with Baa as she asked Vanraj to not fight with Anupamaa. Only because she did not want Anu to leave the house otherwise who will wash clothes and utensils? Netizens have been quite upset with how the story of Anupamaa is progressing further.

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Anupamaa upcoming story

In the upcoming episode, we shall see everyone celebrating Holi festival in America. Shruti, Anuj Kapadia and Aadhya will also join the Shahs. But Aadhya will create a ruckus and push Anupamaa.

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