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Top 10 musical dramas on OTT to uplift your mood and start off the week

Jhanak Serial Spoiler: The Hiba Nawab and Krusha Ahuja starrer television show is winning audience hearts. The current track is focusing on Jhanak and Aniruddha’s complicated relationship. In the upcoming episodes, you will witness on one hand where Aniruddha wants Jhanak to have a successful career, the latter is now adamant about a second marriage. On the other hand, Arshi is planning to ruin the biggest day of Jhanak’s career.

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Jhanak Serial Spoiler: Arshi plans to expose Jhanak

In the upcoming episode, you will witness how Aniruddha informs his family members that the advertisement for which Jhanak was cast will finally be released. He also states that to celebrate the launch of the advertisement, the makers have planned a party which Jhanak needs to attend. The makers of the advertisement also visit Aniruddha’s house where they grow suspicious by seeing Jhanak doing household chores. They ask Jhanak if she was indeed mopping the floors, but Aniruddha distracts them with other topics.

Later, Shrishti informs Arshi that she needs to make sure that the event turns into a nightmare for Jhanak. Shrishti tells Arshi that she needs to expose Jhanak’s truth of being a maid at Aniruddha’s house to the world. Arshi agrees and thus begins chalking out a perfect plan to ruin Jhanak’s big day.

Jhanak Serial Spoiler: Aniruddha gets jealous about Jhanak’s second marriage

On the other hand, Aniruddha and Jhanak once again have a heated discussion. Aniruddha is highly miffed with Jhanak as he is putting all his efforts to make sure Jhanak has a successful career, but she is least bothered about it and is just focusing on getting remarried. Jhanak, on the other hand, states that she never told him to make efforts for her career and how she just wants to leave his house by getting remarried.

Aniruddha slams Jhanak that she is getting too overconfident with her future partner and how she needs to hold her horses.

Will Aniruddha be successful in stopping Arshi from ruining Jhanak’s special day, or will Arshi once again create havoc in Jhanak’s happiness? The upcoming episodes are certainly going to be very interesting.

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