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Top 10 Malayalam action thrillers that will keep you hooked on Netflix, Prime Video and more OTT

Hiba Nawab and Krushal Ahuja starrer Jhanak is getting all the love. The show’s interesting twists and turns have won hearts. The show began recently and is already the talk of the town. It is amongst the top three shows on television now and has a huge fan following. The story of Jhanak and Aniruddha has been loved by everyone. In the latest episodes, we saw Shrishti, Arshi and others make Jhanak do all the rituals do break her marriage with Aniruddha. They also force her to wear the white saree but she refuses to do so and Shrishti pushes her in the river. Aniruddha saves her from drowning. Soon, we see Jhanak getting a big opportunity to shoot for an ad.

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Jhanak gets the invite for press meet

She shoots for the video but the bad behaviour with her in Aniruddha’s family continues. Jhanak’s ad becomes a hit and she is called for a press meeting where she will be felicitated for her work. Chhoton is asked to bring Jhanak as the people would not leave Aniruddha if she is not present.

Tanuja, Vipasha, Shrishti and Arshi are not happy with recognition Jhanak is getting and hence want to stay away from the press meeting. Tanuja and Vipasha try to defame Jhanak but fail to do so. Aniruddha wants to attention the press meeting for Jhanak but he decides to hide himself from everyone so that he can be there for Jhanak quietly.

Shrishti and Arshi get jealous of Jhanak

Arshi and Shrishti does not want to attend the meeting but they do so as they believe Aniruddha might be there. In the upcoming episode, we will see that everyone will get jealous seeing Jhanak in the ad and her getting appreciation.

To make up with this, Shrishti will finally decide to put her plan to action. We all know she had planned to get Jhanak married to Tejas. Jhanak had run away from Srinagar to get away from Tejas and she does not want to marry her at any cost.

But now, Shrishti will call him and force Jhanak to marry Tejas. Aniruddha also knows Tejas’ truth and will do everything to stop the marriage.

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Jhanak also stars Chandni Sharma, Kajal Pissal, Patrali Chattopadhyay, Poorva Gokhale, Rishi Kaushik, Saurabh Agarwal and others.

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