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Tom Hiddleston Isn’t Sure About Loki’s Future, But Is Satisfied With Where Things Left Off

Tom Hiddleston isn’t sure whether Loki has a future.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his series The Night Manager, Hiddleston was asked if he was “done with the character,” His response was vague.

“I don’t know. I really don’t know,” he said. Kimmel was skeptical, pointing out Marvel’s history of keeping things closely held. “Especially from the Marvel world…people will come out and lie,” said Kimmel.

To that, Hiddleston said he was pleased with where Loki left off: “I know that we’ve reached some sort of narrative conclusion with season 2, which feels very satisfying to me.”

Hiddleston said that he doesn’t see Loki as a villain. Instead, he “once upon a time was making some misguided choices.” Ultimately, the character made “slightly more generous, loving and heroic choices.”

Kimmel noted that Hiddleston has done the role of Loki for 14 years.

“Every time someone says that, it kind of blows my mind,” Hiddleston said, adding that playing Loki “changed the course of my life completely.”

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