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Shruti reveals the REAL reason for inviting Anu to the wedding; Aadhya dreads MaAn reunion

Anupamaa serial spoiler: The television show starring Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna is successfully captivating audience attention with its interesting storyline. Viewers are loving the current track, which is filled with drama and a lot of emotions. In the upcoming episode, you will see how Shruti, who is constantly hurting Anu by reminding her that she will soon be married to Anuj, reveals to Aadhya the real reason why she is insisting on Anu to come to her. However, Aadhya feels that Shruti’s plan may backfire and the wedding can take a drastic turn. Also Read – Anupamaa serial spoiler: Yashdeep gets possessive about Anu; Shruti stoops low by forcing latter to attend her wedding with Anuj

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Anupamaa serial spoiler

The episode starts with Dimpy realizing her mistake of rejecting Titu’s love. She searches for Titu and is constantly crying. She understands that life with Titu and Ansh together would be amazing and perfect, and hence she decides to marry Titu. Titu too comes and assures her that he will never go anywhere. Dimpy then informs Vanraj that she tried but she is unable to unlove Titu and has now decided to marry him. Vanraj blames Anu for Dimpy’s changed behaviour, to which Dimpy straightaway states that this is her own decision. Vanraj says that she can marry Titu tomorrow if she wants, but she can’t take Ansh along with her. To which Dimpy threatens Vanraj to take legal action against him. Dimpy stated that she is Ansh’s mother and no one can snatch him away from her. Also Read – Ramayana, Rupali Ganguly, Jhanak: Here’s why these films, celebrities are trending on social media today

Shruti reveals the REAL reason for inviting Anu to the wedding

On the other hand, Aadhya asks Shruti that while she understands why she invited Anu to the wedding, she questions the need to invite her to the pre-wedding festivities. Aadhya tells Shruti that in order to make Anu jealous, she shouldn’t take too many risks. Shruti tells Aadhya that she is not inviting Anu to the wedding to make her jealous. Shruti reveals that she knows Anu is getting hurt, but Anu needs to attend her wedding as only then she will get a final closure which is needed for her as well as for everyone.

It would be interesting to see if Shruti and Anuj will end up getting married or if destiny has some other plans.

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