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‘Selling The OC’ Trailer Drops As Season 3 Gets Premiere Date On Netflix

Netflix‘s Selling the OC is returning for Season 3 on May 3 and the trailer previews the upcoming drama that will continue shaking things up on the reality series.

The new season of the Selling Sunset spinoff continues with the same cast, including Kayla Cardona, Alexandra Jarvis, Brandi Marshall, Polly Brindle, Alex Hall, Gio Helou, Alexandra Rose, Tyler Stanaland, Austin Victoria, Sean Palmieri, and Jason Oppenheim.

Last season, Alexandra Harper was introduced to audiences, and by the end of Season 2, she was given the opportunity to join the Oppenheim Group. However, things seem to be a little rocky for the real estate agent, with Oppenheim saying, “She has not developed the experience that she should have at this stage of the game.”

The romantic drama between Hall and Stanaland that affected the latter’s marriage to his wife Brittany Snow, continues in Season 3.

“You swooned me and then you f***ing disappeared. What do you want?” Hall tells Stanaland in one of the moments show in the trailer.

In a separate scene, Stanaland is seen talking to Victoria telling him he wants kids and a wife.

“When we’re trying to force it, neither one of us are on the same page. I don’t want to run this thing into the ground,” Stanaland tells Hall in another scene with Hall saying during a confessional, “I’m out.”

The other agents are also involved in drama with Harper confronting Cardona and telling her she’s “the subject of so many negative conversations.” Jarvis talks about someone “having a full-time job trying to manipulate and twist things.” Harper also confronts Hall and calls her a liar.

Palmieri becomes a subject of conversation among the agents with Stanaland calling out that he’s never sold a house. In a get-together at the beach, Palmieri fires back at Stanaland, pointing out nepotism and saying, “It would be really nice if I had daddy hand me all my listings.”

In a later scene, Victoria confronts Palmieri about some allegations and making it rumors.

“I am sleeping like a baby because I have the truth,” Palmieri says.

Check out all the drama ahead in Selling the OC Season 3 in the trailer above.

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