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Sean Combs Named Defendant In Rape Lawsuit Against Son

Just over a week ago Sean “Diddy” Combs’ son Christian was in cuffs as law enforcement in LA and Miami raided his sex trafficking accused father’s homes. Now, the 26-year old himself has been accused of sexual assault by a steward on a luxery yaught the family rented in late 2022, and the elder Combs is once again a defendant too.

“Although DEFENDANT S. COMBS was always typically on the yacht, his sons, DEFENDANT C. COMBS and Justin Combs, were staying in a luxury villa nearby but joined their father aboard the yacht most evenings,” the jury seeking suit from Grace O’Marcaigh filed late last night in LA Superior Court says of the boat off the coast of St, Martin.

While the elder Combs isn’t accused of sexual assault in the O’Marcaigh matter, he is viewed as aiding and abetting the situation.


“The make-up of the yacht quickly evolved from just DEFENDANT S. COMBS and his family to include a constant rotation of suspected sex workers and other A-List celebrities such as French Montana and actor Cuba Gooding, Jr,” the complaint states, with the “extremely unpleasant” Oscar winner making another appearance in another Combs lawsuit. “DEFENDANT S. COMBS turned what was sold as a wholesome family excursion into a hedonistic environment. According to PLAINTIFF, it resulted in an unexpected increase in workload for her and her colleagues as well as unwanted exposure to unlawful drug use, sex work, and general chaos.”

While noting “several ‘A-list’ guests on board (many with their names redacted), O’Marcaigh’s action states that she “was aware that Rodney Jones (“Mr. Jones”), a producer who was employed to work on the Love Album: Off the Grid, was required to be on standby for musical recordings often late into the night.”

Amidst a plethora of allegations that have been made public against the “Bad Boy For Life” performer since Combs’ ex-girlfriend Cassandra Ventura launched a quickly settled rape and abuse case back in November, this new case is more explicated than any before.

There is an apparent transcript of part of the attack.

Told by Diddy to have the microphones on for everything in the makeshift studio on the boat, the “drugging and sexually assaulting” of O’Marcaigh was recorded by producers Jones AKA Lil Rod. In once incidence, for example, O’Marcaigh says to the younger Combs: “Excuse me, you don’t touch my legs like that. I’ll move my legs where I want to.”

Later, Christian Combs is said to have followed O’Marcaigh out of the recording studio down the hall, where he attempted to force the steward “to perform oral copulation on him” before another crew member walked in.

The next day, a bruised O’Marcaigh says she was “berated” by the captain of the boat for what happened. She was also ordered to continue to work around the Combs, and, with the captain supposedly getting “a generous tip” from the elder Combs, O’Marcaigh says she was fired from what had been her dream job a few months afterwards.

The Tyrone Blackburn represented O’Marcaigh is seeking a variety of unspecified damages.

In the meantime, the seven-claim complaint from O’Marcaigh also graphically and significantly corresponds to a number of allegations and behaviors made in a February filed $30 million sexually assault and sex trafficking suit against Sean Combs by producer Jones.

It should also be noted that O’Marcaigh and Jones share a lawyer in NYC-based Blackburn

That’s partly why the Combs’ lawyer Aaron Dyer has so harshly hit back on this latest suit.

“This is just another lewd and meritless claim from Tyrone Blackburn — just like what he filed in the Rodney Jones lawsuit, which he still has not served,” the  Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP attorney said today to Deadline.

“This complaint is filled with the same kind of manufactured lies and irrelevant facts we’ve come to expect from Blackburn,” Dyer adds. “This is exactly why the federal judge in New York slapped him two days ago for a ‘pattern of behavior’ in ‘improperly [filing] cases in federal court to garner media attention, embarrass defendants with salacious allegations, and pressure defendants to settle quickly,’ and why he was referred to the disciplinary committee in the Southern District of New York. We will be filing a motion to dismiss this outrageous claim.”

With an April 9 telephone hearing scheduled in the Jones case, Blackburn is trying to get permission to file a second amended complaint in the matter in federal court. No motion has been filed as of yet in the O’Marcaigh case.

What impact that hearing next week has on this case, or visa versa, remains to be seen, but the two suits are now  intrinsically connected.

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