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Ryan Paevey’s Future At Hallmark Channel Cloudy, As He’s Taking A Break

It almost sounds like a Hallmark movie. Young man grows disenchanted, decides to seek a simpler life.

But Ryan Paevey isn’t following a script. Instead, he is re-evaluating things.

“Sadly, no word of a [Hallmark] film,” Paevey wrote via X on Tuesday after fans asked whether he’d be in any new projects this year. “I may take 2024 off from filming, unless the project is with friends.”

He added, “The last 8 months of life in this industry have left a pretty bitter taste in my mouth, and I need some time away from a world so full of fake friends and empty promises.”

Paevey said that he’s “weary” about jumping back into acting.

When fans reacted with concern, Paevey downplayed his remarks He’s “alright” and explained that he’s “had a great run” in the entertainment business.

“I like my simple life in my shop, helping little bro, and frequent surfs,” Paevey wrote. “I have much to be grateful for, I’ll figure out a way to stay afloat without acting income … who knows, maybe a film will come along. Insurance would be nice, haha.”

Paevey later revealed he would “happily do another film” if the Hallmark execs “wanted” him on board, noting he’d “like to think the powers at be” already know that.

“But I don’t know anymore … so I’m just gonna do life, and make plans, and work,” he tweeted. “And whatever happens, happens.”

Earlier, he wrote, “Acting as an exercise is fun, but the business of acting is a whirlwind of rejection, fake friends, thieves and liars,” he shared. “There have been some bright spots, but mostly darkness. There’s far less money in labor, but far more peace. Peace is a better deal.”

Paevey has been acting, highlighted by his 2013 role playing Nathan West on General Hospital. He played the character for nearly 300 episodes before exiting in 2018.

His work with Hallmark most recently came in 2023’s Fourth Down and Love and Under the Christmas Sky.

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