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Ryan Gosling Back For Sequel To Cult ‘SNL’ Skit

It has been hailed as one of the most memorable Saturday Night Live videos of the past decade. During his second turn as host in 2017, Ryan Gosling headlined a video titled Papyrus in which he plays a man obsessed by the fact that James Cameron’s blockbuster Avatar used Papyrus, a common letter style, for its logo. The skit has raked in 12M views on YouTube alone.

In his return for his third hosting stint this week, Gosling revisited the SNL classic with Papyrus 2, which was released online after the episode’s airing on NBC.

In the latest, Gosling is triggered when, while watching Avatar: The Way Of Water during dental surgery, he notices the title of Cameron’s sequel and initially believes it doesn’t use the font. But he later realizes that the style still is Papyrus because the designer “just put it in bold.” That sets the stage for a final confrontation with the designer. You can watch the Papyrus sequel above and the original below.

The pop culture impact of the 2017 SNL skit was so big, Avatar director James Cameron jokingly said in an interview last year that they considered changing the logo for the second movie.

“I mean, the thing is, we actually now had a dilemma on movie two. It’s like, ‘Are we going to keep the same font, the highest-grossing film in history, or are we going to change it?’ Mess with the formula. It’s like, ‘F— it, we’re using the font,” he told People. “If Ryan gets his panties in a bunch over it, then so be it.”

Tonight he got Gosling’s response.

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