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Melissa Mahtani Named Executive Producer Of CBS News Confirmed Unit

Melissa Mahtani has been named executive producer of CBS News Confirmed, a newly launched unit to identify, combat and inform viewers of misinformation.

Mahtani will begin on April 22 and report to Claudia Milne, senior vice president and head of standards and practices for CBS News and Stations.

Mahtani will focus on developing the television, digital and social media presentation of the work of the CBS News Confirmed unit.

“Melissa’s depth and breadth of experience across multiple media platforms makes her the perfect person to lead the audience-facing presentation of the work of CBS News Confirmed,” Milne said. “She knows how to produce stories and shows, tell stories and package information to reach the largest audiences on whatever platforms they’re watching or reading. She will be a huge asset to our team.”

Mahtani brings to CBS News and Stations nearly two decades of experience, including international reporting, producing content for multiple platforms and innovating storytelling. She most recently served as a senior producer and reporter for CNN since 2017.

“CBS News Confirmed is the right initiative at the right time,” Mahtani said. “We are witnessing an onslaught of misinformation that makes it harder for people to distinguish between what is real and what is not. CBS News Confirmed will empower our viewers to be able to tell fact from fiction, sharing our own process of verification every step of the way.”

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