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Love Is Blind Sails Back Onto Nielsen Charts With Season 6 Debut

Bluey and Young Sheldon are still going back and forth on the Nielsen streaming charts.

For the week of February 12 to 18, it was Bluey that prevailed with just under 1.2B viewing minutes, thanks to the 2-11 crowd, which made up about half of the audience. According to Nielsen, Bluey‘s 10 new episodes are the driving force behind this viewership, according for about a quarter of that young age group’s viewing during this interval.

Young Sheldon stayed close behind at No. 2 with 1B viewing minutes. However, the series saw about a 25% drop in viewership this week.

Love Is Blind shot to third place on the list with the release of the first six episodes of Season 6 on Valentine’s Day. The series drove 907M viewing minutes, making it No. 1 in original programming. Nielsen says that about 78% of viewers came from the 18-49 demo, and 75% were female.

Meanwhile, True Detective drove about 773M viewing minutes on Max ahead of the Season 4 finale. Nielsen reports that Episode 5 made up the majority of viewing for the week.

As with all of HBO’s big Sunday primetime series, Nielsen only records a few hours of availability for the newest episode during each interval, since the measure from Monday through Sunday. That’s why, even though the finale debuted during this week, a majority of its viewing will be accounted for in the next Nielsen report.

As previously reported, Oppenheimer also amassed some big numbers in this interval after releasing on Peacock. According to Nielsen, the Oscar-winning film amassed 612M viewing minutes in just a few days after dropping on February 16, putting it at No. 10 on the overall list.

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