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Lindsay Dougherty Teamsters Don’t Matter To Ted Sarandos; Deadline Strike Talk

They’re baaack. We retired Strike Talk, the Deadline podcast by Billy Ray and Todd Garner Deadline hatched to lend perspective and serve as a beacon of hope to the industry during the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. We’ve put the band back together because a potential standoff between the signatories and the negotiators for the Teamster and IATSE guilds looms just up the road when their contracts expire July 31. Are the signatories going to repeat last year’s failed strategy of keeping the CEOs out of the room until too late to stop another disastrous Hollywood shut down? Ray and Garner pose that question to Lindsay Dougherty, who’s leading the negotiation for the Teamsters, and who here reveals she has not had even a passing chat with any of the CEOs that finally solved the last round of labor strife. Dougherty figured into the last strike when she pledged the commitment of Teamsters to stand in solidarity with the striking guilds, which put pressure on the AMPTP to get serious. Here, she discusses the production downturn that followed the return to production, the resolve that these guilds have to get a proper deal and her hope that the signatories don’t once again “trip over dollars to save pennies.” Buckle up.

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