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Kristen Wiig’s Aunt Linda back on SNL with new movie reviews

Aunt Linda returned for some new movie reviews.

Kristen Wiig’s angry, middle-aged film critic was back on SNL’s Weekend Update to give her hot take on Barbie and Oppenheimer.

Wiig has appeared as Aunt Linda three times before tonight including twice in 2006 and once in 2010, while she was a cast member of the venerable NBC show.

Kicking off with a reference to her former Weekend Update colleagues. “Hello Seth, someone’s had some work done” and later “Don’t get smart Tina and Amy”.

She called Barbie “90 minutes of stinko”. “I don’t get it, is she a doll that comes to life, it doesn’t make any sense. Where are they? On the moon,” she said. “There was so much pink, the only good thing to come out of it was I remembered to take my Pepto Bismol.”

In regards to Best Picture winner Oppenheimer, she called it “Nopenheimer”, directed by “Christopher Nothanks”. “Why would anyone make a movie about the person who invented the microwave,” she added.

Aunt Linda has also started watching television, “like everyone else”. She said The Bear had a “very misleading title”. “I thought it was going to be about bears living in the woods or at the very least a sitcom a very hairy gay man looking after his sister’s kids,” she said.

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