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Kiefer Sutherland Says No Bullying On Set Of ‘Stand By Me’

Kiefer Sutherland has denied the rumor started on social media that he picked on Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, and Jerry O’Connell on the set of Stand By Me.

The Talk cohost Natalie Morales asked Sutherland about the gossip, which allegedly was used to keep in character while off-camera.

“Absolutely not true,” Sutherland said. “First of all, I’m not that kind of actor and I wouldn’t want to be that kind of person. I spent a lot of time with River Phoenix because we both played guitar, and so that was kind of an in to him. Even though I was seven years older, we were both beginning, right. And so there was a lot of discussion about ‘How do you develop a character’, ‘What is your process.’

“Actually, it’s very funny, that at the age of 17, which I was in Stand By Me, I had probably a more in-depth process than I even do now. But we didn’t get to work together. I think one of things that’s been frustrating for me when I think about Stand By Me, is they always ask me what everybody else was like…we really only had the one big scene at the end, where Wil Wheaton pulls the gun and I had to run away like a girl.”

Jerry O’Connell chimed in. “You were 17 when you did Stand By Me? I felt like you were like 40…I just thought you were the most grown-up person…Now, I will say that Kiefer did not bully us, there was no bullying. But Kiefer, I was so scared of you.”

Sutherlands adds, “We ran into each other about 10 years after Stand By Me, and someone said ‘Oh, you should go say hi, that’s Jerry O’Connell.’ And I said, ‘No it’s not.’ We said hello and I gave you a big hug and then I walked away and looked at my friend and went, ‘Wow, he’s got a lot better trainer than I do.’”

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