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Kate McKinnon Returns To ‘Saturday Night Live’ For Another “Close Encounter” Cold Open With Ryan Gosling

Kate McKinnon returned to Saturday Night Live for yet another “Close Encounter” alien abduction cold open, joining with this week’s host Ryan Gosling for the popular sketch. And as he has before, Gosling struggled not to laugh and to stay in character.

As she has in the past, McKinnon played Colleen Rafferty, one of her most popular and memorable characters. As in past sketches, after Pentagon officials listen to abductees describe their experiences like spiritual awakenings, Rafferty relays bawdy and sexualized encounters with the alien beings.

This time around, the sketch was even more outrageous, as Colleen demonstrated the aliens interest in Gosling’s private part, or as it is referred to, “troll nose.”

“Just in case you are wondering, I did not become aroused,” Gosling said. “Anytime I felt like I might, I just looked at Colleen here.”

McKinnon and Gosling previously did the sketch in 2017 and 2015, when he also struggled not to crack up.

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