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Jon Bon Jovi Not Sure If He’ll Tour Again Amid Vocal Cord Surgery Recovery

Jon Bon Jovi is not sure if he’ll tour again after he underwent vocal cord surgery.

The singer is set to release an album titled Forever later this year and had hoped to tour, but after critical surgery, he’s unsure if he’ll be able to make that happen.

“It is my desire to do a tour next year but I’m just still recovering from a major surgery,” he said in an interview with Mix 104.1 Boston. “Although I’m well on the road to recovery and was able to take my time and do a song a day when I made the record.”

He continued, “My need, want, desire is to be able to do two-and-a-half hours a night, four nights a week for months on end. And so I’m working towards that goal.”

During a panel at TCA for the docuseries Thank You, Good Night, the Bon Jovi frontman opened up about the surgery he got in 2022, explaining that one of his vocal cords was “atrophying,” saying one was “thick as the thumb” and another was “thick as a pinky.”

“One of my vocal cords was literally atrophied,” he said (via ABC News). “Your vocal cords are supposed to look parallel, or let’s pretend that they are as thick as a thumb — one of mine was as thick as a thumb and the other one was as thick as a pinky. So, the strong one was pushing the weak one aside, and I wasn’t singing well.”

Bon Jovi is among the artists set for a Jimmy Buffett tribute at the Hollywood Bowl scheduled for Thursday, April 11.

Watch the entire Bon Jovi interview below.

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