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Jodie Foster, Issa López & Kali Reis

The only person who knows for certain what happens to Detective Navarro at the end of HBO‘s True Detective: Night Country is Kali Reis herself.

“I have my own interpretation for Navarro, but I have not shared that with a soul,” Reis shared during the Deadline TV Contenders panel for the series.

Reis was joined by her co-star Jodie Foster, as well as showrunner Issa López, to discuss Night Country. While the ending may seem quite ambiguous, López assured that there is “an answer,” if audiences look close enough.

“I think that if you look very carefully, very carefully at the show and follow the lines very carefully, there’s an answer to what we saw at the end,” she told the audience. “But again, there’s a space for where your heart wants to live…and what you need to get out of it.”

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Foster also weighed in, positing that what matters is not what happened to Navarro, but the theme that López established throughout the series that “the dead live among us — in that place of Ennis, but also in the Native American culture of those places.”

“You embrace the death, dead people in your life, and they are part of this community and part of this village in some ways,” she said. “So I find that it was pretty well established throughout this. It’s not surprising when you get to the end, and you’re not quite sure is she dead or is she not?”

López is set to write Season 5 of True Detective as part of her recent overall deal with HBO. She assures she’s already certain that the series will remain an anthology and tell a different story than Night Country, but it’s yet to be determined whether the characters will at all be connected to Ennis, Alaska.

“It might, or not, be connected to Ennis,” she teased. “We will see.”

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