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‘Gen V’ Season 2 Production Delayed Following Chance Perdomo’s Death

Today was supposed to be a happy day for the cast and producers of Prime Video’s Gen V as they were supposed to reconvene for the superhero series’ first Season 2 table read this afternoon ahead of the start of filming, scheduled for April 8.

Instead, they woke up the news that one of the show’s stars, Chance Perdomo, had died in a motorcycle accident, spending Saturday trying to come to grips with the sudden and profound loss. There is little detail about the circumstances surrounding Perdomo’s death at age 27. He is believed to have died late last night or early this morning in Upstate New York. Citing authorities, the actor’s representatives said today that no other individuals were involved in the crash.

In light of Perdomo’s passing, start of Season 2 production on Gen V has been delayed indefinitely. After they spend time to grieve Perdomo’s sudden death, the series’ writers and producers will be faced with the dilemma how to proceed with the series without one of its lead actors. They will either have to overhaul the new season and redo all scripts to write Perdomo’s character off or recast the role.

On Gen V, Perdomo played Andre Anderson, a popular student with magnetic manipulation capabilities. In The Boys spinoff, he starred alongside Jaz Sinclair, Lizze Broadway, Maddie Phillips, London Thor, Asa Germann and Shelley Conn.

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