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Even The Other People On ‘Shark Tank’ Thinks He’s An A**hole

After a brief break, Jon Stewart returned to The Daily Show and called out Shark Tank‘s Kevin O’Leary.

The Comedy Central host dinged the Canadian businessman after he called Donald Trump’s NY civil fraud case a victimless crime.

Stewart mocked O’Leary after he said that the case against Trump didn’t go over well within the investment community as anyone could be targeted now.

“I am surprised to hear this from Kevin O’Leary, the guy who’s such an a**hole that even the other people on Shark Tank think he’s an a**hole,” Stewart joked.

Stewart proceeded to call out O’Leary’s hypocrisy and chill demeanor about Trump overvaluing his assets, as the Shark Tank star gets upset when investment seekers overvalue their companies. Clips of O’Leary on the ABC show played with the venture capitalist being harsh to the entrepreneurs over claims they overvalued their company.

“Oh no, you didn’t,” Stewart quipped. “Canadians are so vulgar.”

He continued, “How is he not this mad about overvaluations in the real world? Because they are not victimless crimes.”

Stewart explains that “avoiding taxes hurts all of us,” noting that “Donald Trump’s shenanigans cost the city of New York… that is money that the city of New York could’ve used to build more Walgreens. Some blocks only have two of them.”

“Leave it to Kevin O’Leary to say the quiet part out loud,” Stewart added.

During an interview on CNN, O’Leary was made aware that the NY civil fraud cause included Trump falsifying business records in the second degree, issuing false financial statements, insurance fraud, and conspiracy.

“Everything that you just listed off is done by every real estate developer everywhere on Earth in every city. This has never been prosecuted,” O’Leary said.

Stewart joked, “There is a theory and law that if enough people commit a crime, it automatically becomes legal. You’re familiar with The Purge, are you not?”

The show’s host called O’Leary’s response “a f***ing entitled arrogance,” noting that most Americans can’t afford to face no repercussions even if everyone’s doing it, like claiming more dependents on their tax returns. If a normal citizen did something like that, they could face financial consequences and criminal charges.

“But don’t tell that to the investment community because in their minds, in pursuit of profit, there is no rule that cannot be bent, there is no principle that cannot be undercut as long as you and your f***ing friends are making money,” Stewart said passionately. “Apparently, the only immoral practice in the capitalist system is to use that money for people who may need it.”

He joked, “Stealing is only justified when you already have too much.”

Watch The Daily Show segment in the video above.

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