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‘Drive My Car’s Toko Miura To Lead ‘Heart Attack’ From Skybound

EXCLUSIVE: Tōko Miura, star of Oscar-winner Drive My Car, is leading Heart Attack, the live action anime series from Walking Dead maker Skybound‘s new Japanese hub.

Miura will play Ema opposite Japanese actor Kan’ichiro, who plays Umin.

From Mortal Kombat 2’s Shawn Kittelsen and Eric Zawadski, the live action anime series focuses on a group of persecuted Variants: individuals with unique but minimal powers that range from telekinesis to controlling the elements. Ema is a Variant and leader of the influencer unit, which posts videos on social media demanding freedom and social justice for her kind. Umin (Kan’ichiro) is a Variant who produces fire with his hands, and has become active in the resistance, attracting Ema’s attention. When the two meet at a club, their powers are amplified 1000x and a romantic relationship ensues.

“Transforming a live-action adaptation of an American comic book for Japanese culture was both a physical and emotional challenge,” said Miura. “My goal was to convey that the characters who, even in a life deprived of freedom, continue to search for a way to live their lives in their own way and raise their voices. It’s truly an inspiring story.”

Miura is an award-winning actress who gained global recognition for her performance as Misaki Watari in Drive My Car, which won the 2022 Oscar for Best International Feature Film. Kan’ichiro has won numerous awards since his acting debut in 2017 and is starring in Japanese feature Promised Land, which will release in a few months time.

Heart Attack is the first show to come from Skybound’s Japan office, which is overseen by The Sniffer producer Ash Nukui. It is being made for Fuji TV by Japanese company Robot and Skybound, and being distributed globally by Skybound.

Speaking to Deadline last week, Skybound TV bosses Rick Jacobs and Glenn Geller said the hub’s goal is to tap into local-language originals rather than remaking local fare for the English-language market.

The Walking Dead and Invincible producer is particularly exploring opportunities in the relatively untapped live action anime space. Skybound has also just secured a Prime Video nordics thriller about a dystopian world in which a deadly insomnia epidemic is spreading.

Heart Attack directors are Kenji Maruyama and Ryuji Yagami. Writres are Kota Oura and Yusuke Takatoku. EPs are Koji Ishii, Takeshi Shimokawa, Robert Kirkman, David Alpert, Jacobs, Geller, Nukui, Wes Mazda. Producers are Yusuke Kato, Tsugi Shikanai, Hajyun Byun and Tomiharu Kajiwara. 

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