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Divyendu Sharma from Mirzapur 3, Nairobi from Money Heist and other OTT characters whose deaths caused immense grief in fans

Anupamaa Serial Spoiler: The television show, starring Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna, is successfully captivating audience attention with its interesting storyline. Viewers are loving the current track, filled with drama and emotions. While Anuj and Shruti are all set to marry, in the upcoming episode, you will witness how Anuj once again chooses Anu over Shruti, leaving Aadhya fuming with anger.

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Anupamaa serial spoiler

The episode starts with Shruti (Sukirti Kandpal) going down on her knees and proposing to Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) to marry her. Anuj looks visibly awkward; however, Aadhya pushes his hand towards Shruti. As Shruti is putting the ring on Anuj’s finger, Anu (Rupali Ganguly) accidentally drops a food container. Seeing this, Anuj couldn’t control himself and runs towards her to save her. As he runs, the ring which Shruti was carrying gets dropped on the floor. However, before Anuj reaches towards Anu, Yashdeep comes and helps Anu.

Anu then tells Yashdeep how she is done with her work and she will now leave from the venue. Although Anuj apologizes to Shruti, Aadhya fumes in anger as she believes that because of Anu, Anuj and Shruti’s special day was spoiled.

Anu breaks down after leaving the sangeet venue; she eventually gathers courage and makes herself understand that she needs to focus only on the cooking competition. She straightaway goes to Spice N Chutney and starts preparing delicacies to enhance her cooking skills for the cooking competition. Baa comes to be with Anu. Seeing Baa, Anu breaks down. Later, Baa tells Anu that although she never says it, she is very proud of Anu and how far she has come. Anu then requests Baa to teach her more Gujarati dishes so that she can promote Indian food in the cooking competition.

The next day, when Anu reaches Spice N Chutney, she sees how the cafe has been shut down. Anu recalls all the old memories related to Spice N Chutney and breaks down.

Here’s a video of Anupamaa actor Rituraj Singh’s funeral below:

In the upcoming episodes, you will witness how Anuj reaches the cooking competition to help Anu. However, Anu is in danger zone, and now the chances of her winning the cooking competition have significantly declined.

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