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Crew: Kareena Kapoor Khan pocketed three times the pay cheque of Tabu, Kriti Sanon?

Mirzapur 3 is right now the most awaited season and after the announcement that the show will be released this year on Prime Video, fans cannot contain their excitement to know the final release date, as the curiosity around watching Mirzapur 4 is only igniting day after day, this one hint dropped by Rasika Dugal will leva seven more restless. Yes, you read it right, Mirzapur 4 is underway as well and probably this will be the last season of the show. Radhika Duggal who plays the role of Beena Tripathi dropped the hint of season 4 in her latest interview. The actress revealed that his people will be impatient to watch season 4 after watching Mirzapur 3.


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Mirzapur 3- Munna Bhaiya aka Divyendu Sharma will have a mysterious comeback in the show

In season 2, Guddu Bhaiya aka Ali Fazal takes his revenge and kills Munna for destroying his family, but the twist is that Munna will make a mysterious comeback in the show. Producer Ritesh Sidhwani had hinted that Munna will be back in the show and there will be a darker shadow of suspension created on his return. Ritesh assured Munna will be back but not in an unusual way. “Munna Tripathi will be back, but in an unusual manner. Actor Divyendu Sharma will return to the family, but something in the works will introduce the character to the audience differently”.

In the season 3 Pankaj Trupthai;s swag and power will be doubled as Kaleen Bhaiya, Beena Tripathi will make her son, the next uttaradhikari after Munna’s death, Guddu Bhaiya will stay in peace after his revenge, until the havoc arrives. Mirzapur 3 is slated to release this year by mid-July and fans are eager to watch the third season and how.

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