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Callum Turner Reveals Where He’d Spend ‘Eternity’ After New Casting

My guest this week is Callum Turner.

Turner is currently starring in Masters of the Air, Apple TV+’s World War II series following the American airmen stationed in England flying missions in B-17 Flying Fortress bombers. Making the series, in which he plays real-life airman Major John ‘Bucky’ Egan, left a very deep impression on Turner.

“They put themselves in the most volatile atmosphere ever known to a human being and the trauma that these men went through was so severe,” he says. “On some missions they would go out with 17 fortresses and come back with three, so they’d lose 140 men. I really don’t know how they did it… What they did for us and the way they did it was nothing but extraordinary, and that’s what I love about this show, that we honored them.”

Turner has also recently been cast in David Frain‘s film Eternity, alongside Elizabeth Olsen and Miles Teller. And since the film explores where and with whom you’d want to spend eternity, we had to ask… “If I had to spend eternity with anyone, I’m sure they’d get on my nerves at some point,” Turner says. As for his chosen location? “London. Can I have the whole city?”

We also discuss Turner’s upcoming project, Dara Van Dusen‘s A Prayer For the Dying. “It’s based on a book and it’s about a town that’s ravaged by a plague. One of the leaders of the town is a policeman and he takes it upon himself to try and save everyone. It’s a really beautiful story.”

And we look back at his experience of working with director George Clooney on the film The Boys in the Boat, and Clooney’s reaction when he first saw Turner’s rowing skills….

Of course we also discover all sorts of 20 Questions tidbits like Turner’s early dreams, his favorite childhood stars and the shows he’d pack in his nuclear bunker.

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