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Before You Season 5, best of romance thrillers to stream on Netflix

Jhanak: Ani (Krushal Punjabi) orders food for Jhanak( Hiba Nawab)and Apu Di and they all sit and have their food together, Ani’s hands are injured and hence Ani insists Jhanak feed her with his hand, while she hesitates a bit later has the food with his hand, Jhanak also makes an effort and feeds Ani food by her left hand on the insistence of Apu Di, both Ani and Jhanak have a light moment while the Bose family is not present at home and they are out for Jhanak’s wedding shopping. Later when everyone arrives at home, Apu Di wants to make everyone aware of the romantic moment that they shared and gives a subtle hint when Ani’s father tells Bado Bahu to feed Apu the outside food that they have ordered or else her evil eyes will be on it.

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Bipasha tells to ignore giving Apu Di food as she may fall sick as the outing food doesn’t suit her, Bado Bahu feels bad and gives an earful to Ani’s father over his evil eye comment for Apu, Apu then tells her mom to calm down and not get angry as genuinely she isn’t hungry at because Ani already ordered food for her and she ate it. Later Ani arrives at the dining area, where his sister asks Jhanak to have the food, Apu Di tells her that even Jhanak is full as she too ate the food.

Arshi gets insecure and asks Jhanak who fed her food, to which she gets a little restless, while Ani comes to her rescue and openly declares he fed Jhanak food. Arshi is shocked seeing the audacity of Ani. Ani is slowly falling in love with Jhanak as he dreams about her and fans are waiting for him to upfrontly speak about his feelings in front of the Basu family.

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