Last week, reports circled as photographs of Armie Hammer surfaced via online entertainment and in the sensationalist newspapers.

At first, a flyer got out and about via virtual entertainment expressing that Hammer was filling in as an inn attendant.

Presently, a source lets Variety know that Hammer is without a doubt working selling condos at an inn in the Caymans,

and that any remaining reports recommending in any case are mistaken. 

He is working at the retreat and selling condos. He is working at a work area," a source, who called Variety this week, makes sense of.

This person, who requested to stay unknown, expresses that before functioning as a co-op sales rep, Hammer was dealing with a high rise in the Cayman Islands.

Hammer — who featured in "The Social Network," "Call out to Me By You" and most as of late, 

Disney's "Passing on the Nile" — is the extraordinary grandson of oil head honcho Armand Hammer. 

Last week, bits of hearsay started when a flyer got out and about via web-based entertainment, 

portraying Hammer as an attendant utilized at Morritt's Resort in Grand Cayman. 

Around then, Variety revealed that Hammer was not functioning as an inn attendant when a worker at the hotel said that the flyer reduced to a trick:

Then, at that point, when photographs of Hammer functioning as a townhouse sales rep surfaced on TMZ over this previous end of the week,

Presently, this source says that the inn was attempting to safeguard Hammer — who is, as a matter of fact, working a task selling co-ops.

In mid 2021, screen captures of messages from ladies started to surface via online entertainment, seeming to portray Hammer as having primative fixations.

Hammer, who was hitched at the hour of a considerable lot of the supposed occurrences, has unequivocally denied the assault guarantee and any remaining allegations,

Hammer was most recently seen in Disney's "Passing on the Nile" recently, however did no press for that film,