BOSTON With four minutes remaining in Game 3 of the NBA Finals, Marcus Smart emerged with an offensive rebound from a six-player scrum that left Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry hobbled.

Draymond Green pushed the Boston Celtics watch, acquiring his 6th individual foul. Prior to sitting down on Golden State's seat, Green gave arbitrator Courtney Kirkland a tongue-lashing, just this time no one was tuning in.

Green was the assailant in Game 2, and his Warriors epitomized their vocal chief's reckless conduct in a victory triumph. A while later, he delighted in the "differential treatment"

he said he has acquired from authorities for his capacity to push the limit between actual ball and launch commendable tricks. The veteran harassed the more youthful Celtics,

in any event, resting his feet on Jaylen Brown's head, believing his usual range of familiarity was not theirs.

Just, these Celtics retaliated. They generally do. Wednesday's counterpunch arrived with a 116-100 win and a 2-1 series lead that leaves the Warriors two additional blows from experiencing a title knockout.

"Game 2, they carried the intensity to us," Smart said after the triumph. "For our purposes, that gave us a negative impression since what we hang our cap on is exertion on edge end and being an actual group.

It certainly awakened us a piece. We simply needed to emerge, and assuming we planned to get over here and play, the last thing, when we left that court, we would have rather not said we weren't sufficiently actual. It worked for us."

Following his team's staggering Game 2 loss, Boston coach Ime Udoka encouraged his charges to respond to Golden State's force, one way or another. "Block it out or meet physicality with physicality," he asserted.

Halfway through the primary quarter of Game 3, Brown waved off a screen from Derrick White and drove right at Green, the previous Defensive Player of the Year,

 muscling the ball into the crate for a 18-9 benefit. A moment later, he burst past Green from the right curve for a broad lefty layup that pushed the lead to 13.

Two minutes into the subsequent quarter, Grant Williams, Green's favored Game 2 punching sack, evened out the Warriors forward on a screen he never saw coming. Whistled for a foul,

"That is the manner by which I play," said Brown. "I feel like I can scrape by any safeguard that is before me."

he knock Green during the dead ball and met him up close and personal in a warmed trade that finished when authorities isolated the heavyweights.

Tormenting worked once, yet Udoka's Celtics won't be "punked." They are currently 7-0 following a season finisher misfortune.

On the off chance that they are to fall, they will fight 'til the end. Land two more, however, and another hero is delegated.